The Guild of Calamitous Intent


3 hours of ritual music manipulation. Recorded in one hit on 2 Technics and a beat up mixer. Listen here.

No Blow Daddy

A mix from me rather than Richard for a change. Was supposed to be a thing with a Rick James sample at the end but Soundcloud wasn’t having it… No tracklist. Deal with it.

Heated Heads

Guild of Calamitous Intent sympathiser, Mother, is the boss man behind Heated Heads. Guild chairman, Richard Thomason, will be joining him at Broadcast on the 22nd March. You might get something like this mix Mother gave us some time back. You might not though.

Helena Hauff at Sleazy’s


Resident at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club, Helena Hauff is a badass DJ.

Check this mix from waaaaaay back for proof. Those TIOH cunts knew a thing or two, eh?

RA here FB here.

Big shout out to Joe Pineapples.

"I just brought techno"

Stewart and Al invited us along to play their “Dissolving Dancefloor” show on SubCity last week. We did and here it is.

When I showed up I asked Richard what sort of shit he’d brought with him for our bit: “I just brought techno”. So, there you go.